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Association / Pro account overview video

Below is a brief overview video that walks through how Association and Pro accounts function and how to manage users / view shared drills:

Sharing drills and practices with your association

Members of Association and Pro accounts can share their drills and practices with other members of the association. Sharing can quickly be done by visiting the My Drills or My Practice Plans pages, selecting the content you wish to share, and using the Association Sharing options on the right-hand ...

Assigning and managing user licenses

Team and association plans involve multiple licenses. HockeyShare makes it easy to assign the licenses to the coaches in your program. We offer 3 differnet ways to add coaches to your account. The below 3 options can be located by going to Drills & Practices >> My Associations / Teams >> ...

Adding association logos to practice plans

Our association and team accounts both come with the ability to add custom logos to practice plans. To set up your logo, go to: Drills & Practices >> My Associations / Teams - from there you'll see an option titled "Association Details / Logo Setup". Note: only team or association admins are able t...

Sharing practice plans using Association Folders

Association folders are a convenient way to allow multiple people from a team / association account to share practice plans in a single location. For example, let's say you have 3 peewee coaches and you want to have all the practice plans available in one place from each of those coaches. Each coac...

Pro Accounts: Presentation mode

Presentation mode is available on our Pro accounts only and is designed to loop a practice plan on a dressing room TV. Use the following steps below to use Presentation Mode: Complete your practice plan On the plan builder page, click on "Presentation" at the bottom under Practice Plan Option...

Viewing shared association drills and practices

Association drills can be viewed by going to the Drills & Practices menu and choosing the "Association / Team Drills" or "Association / Team Plans" menu options. Note that if your account is not linked to an association, you will not see these menu options.