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What is the best way to contact HockeyShare?

The best way to contact HockeyShare is via our Support contact page located here: https://www.hockeyshare.com/support/contact/ Note that we currently only provide phone support for our Pro customers.

Is HockeyShare currently down?

You can view the operational status of the major components of HockeyShare by visiting the following link: https://status.hockeyshare.com/ This page will give you a real-time view of our service status. We do our best to also include any notices of planned maintenance outages on this page.

Questions about the AttackPad Hockey Training System

The video program associated with the AttackPad can be located via the "More" menu or by visiting the following link directly: https://www.hockeyshare.com/ttp/attackpad/ Please note that you will need your access code provided at time the of purchase. This code is usually provided on a printe...