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Support for teams using our stat tracking and team management features
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Adding your team logo

Our Team Manage feature allows you to upload your team logo to be displayed on your team pages. To upload a team logo, navigate to Team Manage >> Manage My Teams >> Edit Team Details. From this page you'll see an area displaying your current logo as well as an option to upload a new logo: ...

Creating a custom Team URL

You can customize your Team URL (the link people use to access your team page) by navigating to Team Manage >> Manage My Teams >> Team URL. This feature allows you to have a more user-friendly URL to access your team page. In the above example, the default URL is

Adding additional administrators

The creator of the team can add additional administrators to the team by going to Team Manage >> Manage My Teams >> Add User Access. You can add up to 10 additional administrators per team. You will need the other user's username in order to assign them access.

Entering game statistics

Using our Team Manage section you can track your game stats for the season. Navigate to the Team Manage >> Manage My Teams page. Before you can track your stats, you'll need to make sure you: Add your roster by using the Add Player link Add games to your schedule by using the Add Game link ...

Sending emails to your team

You can send team announcements to your team (up to 50 recipients) through our Team Manage section. Before you send your email, you will need to make sure you: Have created at least one announcement Added recipients to your Email List Once you have created an announcement and added ...

Password protecting your team

Password protection requires anyone with your Team URL to enter a password prior to viewing any of the content on the team page. You can manage your password protection options by going to Team Manage >> Manage My Teams >> Team Details. Note that administrators of the team (if logged in) will not ...

Creating custom pages

Custom pages can be added to your team pages to add information for your players / families. A simple example may be if you are hosting a tournament and need a page to host the "Tournament Rules." Custom pages can be created by navigating to Team Manage >> Manage My Teams >> Add New Custom Page ...

Deleting a team

You can delete a team by navigating to Team Manage >> Manage My Teams and clicking on the "Delete Team" link on the lower right-hand side of the page. Please note that once a team has been deleted, all content (including stats) become instantly irrecoverable.