Custom categories

Premium, Team, and Association users can organize their drills using custom categories.  This feature gives users a flexible way to keep their drills sorted.  There are a few important things to be aware of when using custom categories:

  1. Custom categories disable our default categories
  2. When you create your first custom category, your drill list will all display under the "Uncategorized" heading (don't worry - see the next two items)
  3. You can quickly move drills from one of our default categories to a new custom category by using our "Transfer Wizard" - this can be found on the My Drills page by clicking on Add Category link under the Custom Categories heading on the right-hand side.  This option will transfer all drills from a default category to one of your new custom categories.
  4. You can disable custom categories by deleting all the custom categories you created.  This will re-categorize the drills using our default categories.

Once you have created custom categories, you can assign drills to the category while editing a drill, or you can move multiple drills to the category from the right-hand side of the My Drills page (see image below):

Screenshot: Moving Drills to Custom Categories