Email delivery troubleshooting

Due to the complex nature of email delivery, there are scenarios where some people on your mailing lists may not receive the content (drill or practice plan) you sent to them.  Delivery can be affected by user-created filters, spam filtering, corporate firewalls, security policies, etc. 

We offer an email delivery history page to show the results of the latest emails you have sent through our platform.  This will indicate if the email has been delivered to the target server (this doesn't necessarily mean the message has reached the inbox of the user - just that it was accepted by the recipient's email server) or if there was a problem sending. 

Email Delivery History

If your emails aren't being delivered, we offer an alternate mail server to attempt to deliver the message.  When sending your drill or practice plan, just check the box next to the "Use Alternate Mail Server" option.  See screenshot below: 

A couple other things to check / keep in mind:
  • Double-check the message isn't ending up in your Spam / Junk Mail folder
  • If you are having trouble with the "CC" option, check your Sent folder
  • Please note that if an email is listed as "Delivered" in the email history, it simply means the message has been delivered to the recipient's mail server - not necessarily the recipient's inbox