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Getting started with 10k Pucks

Getting started with the 10k Pucks Contest is easy - just follow the simple steps below to get started: Register with HockeyShare.com for free (or log in for existing members) Click on the 10k Pucks link at the top of the page Click on the type of 10k Pucks profile you would ...

Player: Creating new shot tracking profile (video)

Players can track their shots in 10k Pucks by following the steps outlined in the below video:

Player: Linking player profiles to a team

If you are using the 10k Pucks platform and are looking to track your shots with your team, you can link your player profile to your team. Please note - your team must already be set up by the coach / manager before you can link your profile to the team. Players should NOT set up teams - this ...

Player: I can't find my team

If you aren't able to find your team on the Link to Team page, try broadening your search terms. For example, instead of typing in "Markham Waxers Bantam AAA" try searching just "Markham" or "Waxers". If you still aren't able to find your team, your team may not have registered for the contest yet...

Player: Changing team a profile is linked to

If you need to change the in your 10k Pucks player profile. Go to the 10k Pucks section, click on Players, then select Track Shots for the profile you want to update. At the top of this page you'll see an area toward the top left of the page with your current team along with an option to "Change T...

Player: How can I delete a player profile?

You can delete player profiles when you're logged in to HockeyShare by going to the 10k Pucks link and selecting the "Players" option. Simply click the "Edit Profile" button for the profile you wish to delete. In the lower-right corner of the Edit Profile page you will see a red "Delete"...

Player: Set a custom shot count goal

The 10k Pucks site allows you to create your own goal - it doesn't need to be 10,000 shots. New Player Profiles Visit the 10k Pucks section Click on Players Click on New Profile (note, if you haven't created any profiles yet, you will be automatically taken to this page when you...

Team: Creating a team in 10k Pucks

Here is a tutorial video illustrating how coaches can create a team in the 10k Pucks Contest: Note: teams should not be created by players - only coaches and club administrators should create teams

Team: Change tracking start date

Team administrators can change the start date of the 10k Pucks team challenge. This can be modified by going to 10k Pucks >> Teams >> Edit Team and updating the "Tracking Start Date" option: This option will automatically filter the team stat tracking to the date you set. Players will still b...

Association: Creating association profiles in 10k Pucks

This video covers creating association profiles in the 10k Pucks Contest: Note: association accounts are designed for program administrators who manage multiple teams for the same association / program

How much does it cost to use 10k Pucks?

The 10k Pucks section of our site is completely FREE for players, teams and associations.

Can I track my shots year-round?

Yes. You can use the 10k Pucks platform to track your shots 365 days a year.

Merge Player Profiles

Accidentally create an extra player profile in 10k Pucks? No problem. We offer an easy way to merge the data from one profile to another. Simply follow the steps below to merge one profile in to another: Visit the 10k Pucks section and click on Players in the top navigation Click on the Edit Prof...